"Every 20 seconds someone loses a limb to diabetes."

- the Lancet

Save a Limb. Save a Life

DMPrevent provides a gold-standard comprehensive treatment solution to the global epidemic of non-healing diabetic wounds and resultant amputations. Chronic wounds are complex and require a specialized integrated medical team to coordinate care. DMPrevent brings a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to treatment that combines state-of-the-art wound care centers and remote monitoring with a wellness program centered on diabetes awareness and education.


Million people have diabetes


Percent increase of Type 2 diabetes in the MENA region by 2035


Million diabetics in the UAE by 2040.


Percent of diabetic lower extremity amputations are preventable


Meet our
medical team

Howard W. Umansky, DPM, FAPWH, CWS

Founder, Executive Director

Robert Frykberg, DPM, MPH

Medical Director

Sergio N. Sardón Melo, DPM, MSc

Associate Medical Director

Claudia Zornosa, MD, DABIM

Director of the Wellness Center

Edward Golembe, M.D., UHM, FACCWS

Director of Hyperbaric Medicine

Diane Holland PT, CWS

Wound Care Specialist & Physical Therapist

Specialists on Staff