Remote Data Monitoring
and Reporting

Remote data monitoring:
See it, snap it, send it.

DMPrevent tele-monitoring will be a first-of-its-kind HIPAA-compliant, subscription-based service that syncs a smartphone application to a full complement of diabetic monitoring devices including a non-invasive glucometer to monitor blood glucose.

Monitoring of diabetic wounds and prevention of additional wounds is as simple as “see it, snap it, send it.” Daily self-examination, with pop-up reminders to prompt patients to perform “virtual check-ins” and send pictures of even minor changes in their skin enables DMPrevent to intervene at the earliest possible stage, resulting in a significant reduction in the development of hard to heal wounds that can lead to lower extremity amputations. DMPrevent uses smartphone-based technology that remotely collects and transmits patients’ biometrics that leads to a dramatic improvement in wound care. The ability to monitor depth, volume, and temperature of diabetic ulcers provides healthcare professionals with a wealth of data for optimum wound outcomes.


DMP offers a comprehensive technology-based platform with a concierge program

Integrated devices:
  • Glucometer – wearable patch to measure blood glucose
  • Smart Mat – to predict development of diabetic foot ulcers
  • BP Cuff – Bluetooth-enabled Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) cuff
  • Scale – to track weight
  • Steps – a fitbit or similar device to track physical activity

Patients download the app, and sync daily blood sugar readings, daily photos of any skin lesions, periodic ABI readings to check circulation and periodic neuropathy tests. The patient provides this healthcare data to their provider through the integrated device, along with food photos to track their eating habits, plus any questions concerning nutrition or exercise.

  • The DMPrevent’s UAE clinician will forward the healthcare data, including any lesion photos to the patient’s doctor for review.
  • The DMPrevent US doctor can provide an evaluation, with notes to the platform. If there is a concern, the notes are forwarded to the Al Sharq wound-care facility for intervention.
  • Patients also receive comprehensive nutrition and health feedback, including a daily motivational and personal message, periodic links to exercise videos and recipes.
  • Patients receive an overall weekly health report and an overall nutrition review with dietary and exercise goals achieved.
  • Nutrition patients can interact with others on various social media channels, including
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for group support and recommendations.